Golden Dragons

Play Fire Phoenix Now!

One of the most popular slot machines is Phoenix Fire. Why? - you ask. The first thing worth noting is the manufacturer of this slot machine, which is Golden Dragons, and this already says a lot. When gamblers first launched Phoenix Fire, they already knew that the game was worthwhile, becauseGolden Dragons is a sign of quality. Later, Internet users realized that the slot machine is even better than they thought. User-friendly interface, captivating plot, catchy symbols, bright design and, of course, a high payout ratio - all these are the distinguishing features of Phoenix Fire and its main advantages. In addition, this is one of the first slot machines where the gambler has great chances not only to win, but also to multiply it.

Apart from the same row of colorful fruits, bells and red sevens, the most coveted figure here is the fiery phoenix. If it appears, it occupies the entire vertical, and also gives the right to 3 additional rounds for free. It is no coincidence that the creators of Phoenix Fire chose this particular bird as the "symbol" of the game, because according to the legends, the phoenix brings good luck and profit.

✅ The financial side of the issue

Each online casino involves making a deposit, that is, real money. And in the Phoenix Fire slot machine as well. However, if you are not confident in your abilities or are not familiar with this game, then you can try the demo version and get to know the machine better.

What to choose: a free game or a game for real money? Agree, casinos and slot machines in particular are excitement and adrenaline. If you play GD just to kill time, then the demo version of Phoenix Fire is perfect for you, but if you are a true connoisseur of gambling and experience the pleasure and euphoria of an adrenaline rush, then it’s better to make a small deposit and try your hand. You will definitely succeed!